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Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1 course

Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1 - Accredited by the International College of Kinesiology

touch for health kinesiology courses

Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1

This Touch for Health Kinesiology course is open to all beginners.

It includes:

  • Touch for Health Level 1 syllabus

It is suitable as a foundation course and does not require any prior knowledge. It also forms a pathyway to advance onto Touch for Health Level 2.
The course has theortical elements, but is 75% practically based.

About this Touch for Health Kinesiology Course ...

The Touch for Health system was originated by John Thie and uses  Kinesiology (muscle testing) as a modality to communicate with the body.

Kinesiology recognises that a body is made up of physical, emotional, chemical and energetic elements and that any disturbance in these will cause disharmony to the individaul.  Kinesiology uses muscle testing to test and restore these imbalances so as to enable the body to function more effectively as well as restore health.

Kinesiology was developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s and is an integration of techniques and principles from eastern and western medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and the science of muscle movement.

Everyone can benefit from Kinesiology treatment as it is non-invasive, gentle and done fully clothed.  In this respect it is suitalbe for all ages: babies, children and elderly, as well as the those who are unwell or sick.

Level I is open to all. It is suitable for the lay person who has no prior knowledge about muscles/anatomy/posture or Chinese acupuncture energy theory. Many massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, coaches, etc., find TFH useful in their practices, and for client education (TFH is often recognized for professional continuing education credit). Most kinesiologists learn TFH during their training.

Touch for Health is the most widely recognised kinesiology in the world and is taught in over 30 countries worldwide. It is accredited by the International Kinesiology College.

What will I learn in this Touch for Health Level 1 Course ...

This Touch for Health Level 1 course  is the foundation for the higher Touch for Health levels and will cover the following:

  • Understand the concept of energy flow in the meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Gain better sensory awareness, posture and coordination
  • Be able to get a client ready for muscle testing
  • Be able to effectively and accurately muscle test an individual
  • Evaluate energy imbalances on the 14 major Chinese acupuncture meridians
  • Balance the energy of an individual using a range of techniques
  • Combine an individual goal with a 14 muscle balance sequence

Touch for Health Level 1 Course Prerequisites ...

Unlike many other course, you do not need to habe any prerequisite to attend this course, just an interest to learn and help yourself and others.

Please note that you will have to purchase the official Touch for Health Synthesis (Student Workbook) which costs approx. £23.00. Details to links of where you can purchase this book will be provided in your introductory emails.

Touch for Health Level 1 Course Length ...

This Touch for Health Level 1 course is taught over a period of 2 days.

What the Touch for Health Level 1 course exams consists of ...

  • This is an introductory course and although there are no exams, there will be ongoing class assessment as well as completion of a class workbook.

Opportunities on Completing this Touch for Health Level 1 Course ...

Upon successful completion of our courses, our students have gone onto:

  • Refine their current practice and treat own self as well as friends and family more effectively
  • Treat self as well as freinds and family using the basic elements of Touch for Health Level 1 skills
  • Offer a newer type of teatment to clients
  • Integrate kinesiology with their current practice
  • Supplement their full time income by working part time
  • Help family and friends by providing kinesiology treatments
  • Develop their Continual Professional Development (CPD) portfolio


international kinesiology college - touch for health The International Kinesiology College is an international college without walls which raises awareness, maintains standards, develops and supports Touch for Health ® (TFH) and other kinesiology programs in the educational, self-responsibility model at community and professional levels, with particular emphasis on the values of TFH.


Inclusive Of: Course Books worth £45 and Exam Fees

Eligibility: Open to anyone with an interest in becoming a qualified Touch for Health Kinesiology practitioner.

Maximum 12 per course.

23rd November Code: TfH 1

23rd - 24th November

Total £255.00 (Discounted before 11/11/2019) £275.00 Thereafter

Kings Cross

9.30am - 5.30pm (Approx)


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