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Trigger Point with Stretch Therapy Courses
"Massaging with Confidence" Series

Trigger Point/Stretch Massage - FHT, IGCT, CMA & IICT Accredited Course

trigger point courses

Trigger Point Massage Course with Stretch Therapy (FHT, IGCT, CMA & IICT Accredited)

This Trigger Point Massage course with Stretch Therapy is open to any individuals who have previous training in Body Massage or higher.

It is open to practising massage therapists as well as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Science practitioners. 

Course Includes: E-Course Materials.

About this Trigger Point Massage Course ...

If you have ever wanted to be able to treat those sore painful "knots" effectively, then this Trigger Point Massage with Stretch Therapy course is for you.

This course has been specially been designed to provide a full treatment regime of given Trigger Points and Stretch Massage which can be safely utilised by a massage therapist.

The training is intended to give the practitioner a wider understanding in the therapeutic treatment of patients as well as adding to the arsenal of tools which are available during a massage treatment.  The course will also cover important homecare advice which patients can follow and include self stretches to prevent Trigger Points reoccurring.

Trigger Point Massage techniques can be used in conjunction with many other therapies and the course will explore the many other disciplines in which this can be incorporated.

Stretch Massage Therapy © (SMT) is the integration of muscle and tissue stretching with the simultaneous application of cross fibre or longitudinal soft tissue techniques. The technique is effective in releasing muscle tension as well as creating lengthening patterns in tissues and muscles.

SMT can be applied using either active or passive stretching within the parameters of the subject’s ability and range. It can easily be adapted to the repertoire of methods employed by massage therapists and body workers.

It is a course qualification which on completion, will allow the practitioner to obtain full professional insurance and gain employment in conjunction with previous massage training.

 trigger point therapt courses 

What will I learn in this Trigger Point Massage Course ...

This Trigger Point with Stretch Therapy course will systematically guide the student through the theory and practice of Trigger Point and Stretch Massage therapy.  It will allow the smooth and effective integration of various techniques into their own practice to remove Trigger Points as well as learn about specific home care advice which needs to be given to clients so as to prevent reoccurrence.

This Trigger Point massage course will include the theory and clinical application and cover the following topics:

  • How to locate Trigger Points - how and what to feel
  • Surface anatomy of the major muscles
  • Theory of Trigger Points - their causes and different types
  • Common Trigger Point referral patterns
  • Practice of application of Trigger Point Massage techniques
  • Various methods of treatment - Neuromuscular Technique (NMT),heat, ice, cold sprays, stretch and Cupping
  • Tackling persistent muscle tension, tightness and pain
  • Treat fconditions like Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Frozen Shoulder etc.
  • Specific client homecare advice to prevent reoccurrence
  • Practitioner Posture and Effective Massage
  • Learn "Effective Trigger Point Massage" technique
  • Use of "Massage Tools"

This Stretch Massage course will systematically guide the student through the theory and practice of Stretch Massage.  It will allow the smooth and effective integration of Stretch Massage techniques into their own practice as well as teach a full routine for the whole body.

The following are a list of some of the topics which are covered on the course:

  • Theory and Practice of Stretch Massage Therapy (SMT)
  • Concept of stretching tissue
  • Basic anatomy - muscles
  • Effects of stretching
  • Benefits of SMT (Stretch Massage Therapy)
  • Aftercare advice
  • Contraindications and contra-actions to Stretch Massage
  • Stretch massage sequences and routine
  • Practitioner Posture and Individual care

Trigger Point Course Prerequisites ...

Students must hold an Ofqual accredited Level 3 Diploma in Massage including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology - or equivalent, or higher.

Without an accredited Diploma, you may be able to attend the course, but you will not receive an FHT or IICT accredited certificate. This may affect your ability to obtain professional insurance.

Without an accredited Diploma, you may not also be able to join the FHT, IICT, or other professional body.

When submitting your Student Details form, you must also supply us with copies of your existing accredited qualifications to receive the course certificate. Supplying this information too late may result in your certificate being printed without the FHT and IICT logos. Additional charges may be incurred to print the correct Certificate.

What does accredited mean?

Accredited qualifications are those that are reviewed, recognised and monitored by regulatory bodies in order to make sure that they meet specific criteria and quality standards.

Current UK accrediting bodies are;

  1. Ofqual
  2. SQA
  3. CCEA

You can read more about accredited qualifications here;

Overseas Qualifications

If you have arrived in the UK from overseas and have existing qualifications, those qualifications may meet an acceptable standard in the UK. NARIC can provide an official document that states how your international qualifications compare to UK qualifications with a document called a ‘Statement of Comparability’.

You can also request an 'English Language Assessment' document, which may help determine your current level of English.

You can read more about NARIC here;

If you are unsure of your current course qualifications, please call the office to find out if your current qualifications can count towards this diploma. We will do our best to find out ways in which we can help you to successfully complete this course.

Trigger Point Massage Course Length ...

This Trigger Point Massage Therapy course is taught as a fast track and intensive program.

It is covered over a total period of 2 days.


What the Trigger Point Massage Exams Consist of ...

  • In class assessment and feedback
  • Home Assignment - Short answer questions (20-25 minutes)

Opportunities after Completing this Trigger Point Massage Course ...

Following successful completion of our Trigger Point massage courses, students have progressed to go on and:



The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the largest and leading professional association for therapists in the UK and Ireland. With thousands of members offering a broad range of specialisms - from sports and remedial therapies, to complementary healthcare and holistic treatments.

As a "not for profit organisation" - run by therapists, for therapists – it functions to support, advance and protect members interests and career progression as professional therapists. 

The Complementary Medical Association's (The CMA) primary aim is to promote ethical, responsible, professional complementary medicine to the public and the medical profession.

We believe that by promoting The CMA and it's Registered Members though the media we are able to help the public and doctors to realise that complementary and integrative medicine is - when delivered safely and ethically - a viable and highly desirable form of healthcare.

In addition, here at The CMA, we are totally dedicated to representing "the professional face of complementary medicine" and by promoting research, education and knowledge in the field, we will help to stimulate demand for the medicine of the 21st century and beyond.

The CMA is great news for professional practitioners, ethical colleges and patients who demand and expect excellence in every aspect of treatment.

IGCT_approved_massage_course The International Guild of Complementary Therapists is the world-renowned body promoting and setting the standard for Holistic and Complementary Therapists and Course Providers.

The IGCT logo serves as reassurance for anyone looking for a skilled complementary therapist or an accredited course in the various disciplines within the holistic sphere

IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) is a peak professional body for the natural health industry. Boasting the largest modality list in all the world, you can be sure that if you practice it, we cover it. Now with 6,000+ members world-wide, IICT is leading the way by providing our members with an international qualification for professional affiliation in the natural therapies industry.

The IICT offers a credible and cost effective alternative for all Complementary Therapists who wish to operate under a collective banner for the natural health industry. Whether you have gained your qualifications overseas or have completed short courses, all credible qualifications are considered for membership.

Our Accredited Trigger Point Massage qualifications are recognised by major insurance companies and practitioner insurance is available upon successful completion of this Trigger Point Massage course.

Successful completion of this diploma course will provide you with the title of "Trigger Point Massage Therapist", and the knowledge and techniques needed to give a professional and safe treatment. 



General Information:

Inclusive Of: E-Coursework and Electronic Certificate

Eligibility: Open to anyone with a Level 3 QCF qualification in Massage

Maximum 12 per course.

31st August (Kings Cross) Code: TP 3.0

31st Aug - 1st Sept (2 days)

Total £275.00 (Discounted before 24/8/2024) £295.00 Thereafter

Kings Cross

9.30am - 5.00pm (Approx)


17th December (Kings Cross)Code: TP 4.0

17 - 18th Dec (2 days)

Total £275.00 (Discounted before 10/12/2024) £295.00 Thereafter

Kings Cross

9:30am - 5:00pm approx.


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